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The Vivo Nex is a bezel-free wonder that comes with a pop-up selfie camera.

They did it. With the Vivo Nex, the Chinese phonemaker actually took its crazy concept phone from February, the Vivo Apex, and turned it into a real phone you can pay money to buy. 
The Vivo Nex has an all-screen design with no notch, no speaker grille, and a selfie camera that pops up from inside the phone to take your picture. Sporting a 6.59-inch Super AMOLED display with a full-HD+ resolution, the Nex also features an underscreen fingerprint scanner. It's powered by the third-gen version of the tech found in its earlier Vivo X21 phone and promises to be a lot faster than the original.
Putting the 8-megapixel pop-up camera inside the phone means it isn't taking up room on the screen. That design helps keep the display bezel-free, though there's still a small chin at the bottom. 
There are also no speakers on the front. The Vivo Nex uses "screen soundcasting" technology to turn the screen into a speaker. This gives the handset a similar feel to the original Xiaomi Mi Mix, but Xiaomi dropped the tech for its Mi Mix 2 ($389 at Amazon.com), as turning the phone into a speaker tends to broadcast your conversations to everyone around you. 
Time will tell if this will also be the case with the Vivo Nex.

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