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XIAOMI release two new devices: Redmi 6 pro and Mi pad 4

Xiaomi has just unveiled two new devices for the Chinese market. The Redmi 6 Pro is something of an upgraded version of the budget Redmi 6 and 6Aannounced earlier this month, while the Mi Pad 4 is the successor to Xiaomi's iPad Mini-aping tablet from this time last year.
The Redmi 6 Pro includes a notched 5.84" display (with a sizeable chin) and a dual camera module (12MP + 5MP) whose design is clearly borrowed from the iPhone X. It boasts a large 4,000 mAh battery, along with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chip and "AI" features such as Face Unlock and Xiaomi's proprietary voice assistant.
RAM/storage options and pricing vary across three models: 3/32GB costs 999 Yuan ($153), 4/32GB is 1199 Yuan ($183), and the top tier model with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage will set you back 1299 Yuan ($199).
The second part of the announcement introduces a new tablet. Xiaomi's Mi Pads have long been considered as iPad Mini copycats running Android, and it appears that the fourth generation continues the tradition. A Snapdragon 660 powers the Mi Pad 4, and the 8", 16:10 display is kept going by a 6,000mAh battery.
The same AI Face Unlock feature is touted, and the marketing materials suggest that Xiaomi considers this a gaming and entertainment device.
Three variants are going on sale, with the most expensive of them offering 4G LTE (TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE bands) and GPS along with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage for1,499 yuan ($230). The cheaper, WiFi-only models are either 1,099 yuan ($168) for 3/32GB or 1,399 yuan ($213) for 4/64GB. Those prices would suggest that the LTE model is the best value for money.
The Redmi 6 Pro comes in black, red, pink, blue, or sand, while the Mi Pad 4 is available in only black or gold. It's currently only possible to pre-order both devices, but Xiaomi's site states that the Redmi 6 Pro will go on sale June 25 at 10:00. There are no details right now about a release outside of China.

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