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Unmissiable Xiaomi Deals:Get Mi 8 Lite or Mi A2 for just £1!

Best Xiaomi Deals: Get Mi 8 Lite or Mi A2 for just £1!

As Xiaomi officially goes on sale in the UK today a selection of its phones are available for just £1!

Yesterday Xiaomi announced it was officially entering the UK tech market, and to celebrate that news from 12 noon today it is holding an insane sale in which you can get a Mi 8 Lite or Mi A2(pictured) for just £1. That's a saving of £278 and £258 respectively.
There are four flash sales, with only two- or three units available in each, so you'll want to get in there quick. Indeed, the first flash sale was over literally within seconds, so be prepared.
You will need to be registered and signed into the Mi Store to take advantage of the deal, so we highly recommend you do that now to save time later - click here to register at the Mi Store.
Once you've done that head to this page in time for the following flash sales (you'll need to scroll down the page to view them):
  • 12:00 GMT, 9 November: Mi 8 Lite (Black) is just £1 - ended
  • 20:00 GMT, 9 November: Mi A2 (Black) is just £1
  • 12:00 GMT, 10 November: Mi 8 Lite (Blue) is just £1
  • 20:00 GMT, 10 November: Mi A2 (Gold) is just £1
If you don't manage to scoop the offer in time there is also a £20 voucher available here when you spend more than £99 at the Mi Store.

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