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How To Run Advertisement On facebook Free 2019

How to Run Facebook Ads without Paying Any Dime 2019

So as you can see am here to Teach You Guys how to run advertisement On Facebook without paying any thing as you guys may know we used it last yr but we used payonner Card that time they were issuing master card free of charge and note after this tutorial you are going to render the account useless because any cash that enters inside it Facebook will deduct it immediately so that by the way.

First of all you have to signup with alat by wema bank they issue their card free but you must have Atlest 2k and above in your account before doing that so after signing up fund your account request for atm card which will take about 4days to get to you.

Tools needed
  • Your Android phone
  • Your bvn number 
  • Phone number 
  • Alat App DOWNLOAD and signup with alat app use this as 7Y1ZFJ referal code for free 500naira 

And note after signup up and Creating your pin pleases don't upload any document apart from you picture and signature while signing up or else ya account will be restricted and be awaiting verification so avoid that go straight to the business

Goto Facebook create ads and make sure the amount of billing is what is in you alat account but don't worry dy won't take it.

after creating your ads proceed to payment after payment after your ads is be reviewed and it starts running quickly login to your alat goto Cards > Card Control > untick Web and save then withdraw all your cash with atm or transfer after that gbam bury the account 6 feet you have gotten what you want.

Working 100% and you can also create another alat account sign up or even transfer the money all of them from the account you have used before because it's zero fee charge Alat to Alat. but you have to use fresh bvn number so that's the stress in it so enjoy offer while it last

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